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Forever Rescues

At Happy Tails Rescue, Inc. we take rescuing seriously! When we rescue a dog they are a part of the HTRI family forever. No matter how long it takes to find their forever homes they will always be in our care. Some of the babies that we have rescued that have issues that have prevented them from finding their forever homes will be with us until they cross the rainbow bridge. When we pull/rescue a baby we provide spay/neuter, all their shots, heart worm prevention medication, flea/tick treatments, and anything else they need the whole time they are in our care and that includes the ones we will keep forever. When we say that we are the voice of the voiceless we truly mean it, we stay loyal to those that we rescue because they deserve the very best until the very end. One hand, one paw, one voice always!



Kaos: pulled from Caldwell County Shelter
10 years old
Been in rescue 7 years
Issue: Severe Food Aggression



Bear: Owner surrender living in a 4x4 kennel w/metal barrel for dog house lot full of mud
8 years old
Been in rescue 6 years
Issue: Fear Aggression



Chappie: Owner Surrender
5 years old
Been in Rescue 4.5 years
Issue: Fear Aggression



Ralphie on Left / Charlie on Right
2.5 years old
Feral boys captured at 3 months old at a Cherryville Plant
Been in rescue 2 years

Issue: Feral.....this is why it is so important to socialize puppies when they are born.



Gunner: Dumped at shelter for being grumpy
6 yrs old
Been in rescue 2.5 years
Issue: Fear aggressive, protective and grumpy



Saga: Picked up as a stray at shelter

6 yrs old
Been in rescue 4 years
Issue: Escape artist

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