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Wish List Needs

Wish List Items

  • 4 health dog food

    • salmon and potato

  • Blankets (new and Gentle Used)

  • treats

  • kongs

  • toys

  • harnesses (all sizes)

  • shampoo

  • pill pockets

  • pooper scoopers

  • poop baggys

  • mops

  • pee pee pads

  • bones

  • baby wipes

  • paper towels

  • antibacterial wipes

  • hand sanitizer

  • cleaning supplies

  • collars

  • leashes

  • crates (all sizes)

  • gift cards

    • tractor supply

    • petco

    • walmart

Office suppies

  • copy paper

  • card stock

  • pens

  • address labels

  • folders

  • notebooks

  • picture paper

  • printer ink

    • cannon mg5400 250 & 251

  • stamps

Click the botton above to directed to our Amazon Wish List where you can conveniently purchase items and have them directly shipped to our address.

Click the botton above to be directed to Amazon Smile where you can make purchases and select our Charity to donate 0.5% of your purchase cost to our rescue.

Donate a Kuranda Dog Bed To Happy Tails


Animal lovers across the country are making a world of difference for homeless dogs by donating a soft, dry off the floor Kuranda bed to sleep on.  The calming effect reduces stress levels and helps to promote adoption.  The Donate A Bed program was created to enable pet lovers to help bring a bit of the same comfort to rescue and shelter animals that yours enjoy at home. 

Follow this link to make your purchase and make a Happy Tails dog's sleep more comfortable!

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